3 Things You Should Know About Unground Pool Filter

May 12,2022.

1. What is unground pool filter

Underground pool filter, also called all-in-one set pool filter, which is included all the basic equipment like filter, pump, chlorine feeder inside, is a new design for swimming pool filter. Outside is a big box, which is equal to swimming pool machine room, is made in high quality acrylic and fiberglass reinforcement, which can bear about 200KG person to stand above it. It's very strong and durable. So if the pool doesn't build a machine room, in-ground filter is a good choice.

2. Why to choose unground pool filter

No need to build a machine room that means it can save much construction cost and also space. It’s also Eco-friendly to the environment. And it can help to make the pool being more beautiful and integral. And this filter is very easy to install. Making a hole and put the filter underground, connecting the power, and installing the pipes, it can work. Using sand filter as filtration system can clean swimming pool water well. Sand filter is traditional filtration type, and many people like this kind filter. Beside basic equipment, in-ground filter also can add some options like salt chlorinator, ph and orp controller, UV light……There are many different sizes, designs, and material filters. Different sizes have different flow rate to match different size pool.

3. Why to choose our unground pool filter

If still want to know more about Pikes filters and don't know how to choose products for your pool, welcome to contact us. We have more than 30 professional sales to service customers in Guangzhou and more than 150 skilled workers to produce swimming pool products in Qingyuan. We can give best service and good price and quality products. What you need to do is contact us, others we will help to do.

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